Friday, July 18, 2008

Work to do...

This is the sweet little guy who passed out cold this week after holding his breath while angry!
He came to very subdued, not even remembering what he was angry about.
Oh, much work to do and we need wisdom from Above!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Forty Weeks...

"I was convinced that the greatest lie of pregnancy was that morning sickness only happens in the mornings. I was wrong.

The greatest lie of pregnancy is that is takes nine months to grow a baby. The TRUTH is that is takes forty weeks-ten long months lived in a parallel universe where each day is as a thousand years.

God seems to have a particular affinity for the number forty. Was it not forty days and forty nights before God stopped the rain and Noah saw sunshine? Was it not forty long years before the Israelites made it out of the desert? And didn't Jesus spend forty hungry days in the desert Himself?

Perhaps it's just coincidence, but one thing is evident: God is not generally in any particular hurry when He's doing His finest work.

Maybe making us wait is His way of getting our attention, of helping us realize He's up to something serious. Maybe He just knows we need some time to grow into the blessing He has in store.

Forty weeks is a long time to wait for anything, particularly when one's ankles appear to be retaining all the waters of Noah's flood. But I've got a hunch, when the miracle finally shows up, it will be the first rainbow and the Promised Land all rolled up into one squirmy little bundle."

I can hardly wait!

By Carolyn Arends
"We've Been Waiting For You"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day...

Our 4th of July was wonderful! The more kids we have, the more fun holidays are (no worries, we are stopping with six!). Our day consisted of work and play...
in the sandbox...

preparing food...
swimming in the pool...
painting on the house...
our traditional supper: grilled chicken, potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, dipped strawberries, watermelon, and homemade ice cream...(the belly is getting big!)

Later, we went to a local stadium for an awesome fireworks display! They were fabulous and made us so proud to be Americans!

May God bless America!!!
Update on us: Last July we put our house on the market. We have recently taken it off due to various circumstances. The renter of our little guest house in the backyard has recently moved out and we are transforming that space into a studio where I can teach piano again. (I have done that before out of the house, but it became increasingly difficult with the children in the home.) We are planning that I will teach a couple of hours a day, while the little ones are sleeping and hopefully, they will not even notice that I am gone! Being with the kids all day (as I school at home) allows me to be away from them for a couple of hours without missing out on their lives. We are praying that God blesses this and gives us wisdom to balance the things in our lives.
We would certainly appreciate your prayers as well!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Montana Fun...(Part 2)

The second part of our trip to Montana was slow in coming, but here it is! Here the kids got to feed a calf a bottle of formula that Gramps mixed up...the mother had died. Jayce is especially fond of all things "little" and loved this whole process.

Making a cake for two very special one-year-olds! The toddlers got to help while the babies were sleeping and the big kids were at VBS at the church.
Jay took his stirring seriously!
Yum! Yum! Licking chocolate on Nana's white tablecloth!!

The Birthday Party! Here is proud cousin Drew with the celebrities!
We were brave and went to town to eat at Pizza Hut before the party.
All the nine grandchildren that were there! Graham and Grant! They were so laid back and casual about the celebration! At one point, Graham began to take cake off of Grant's high chair. Krystal remarked that he has reasons for being the bigger of the two!!
Tucker enjoying it all!

Lauren is set up here to do some face-painting. Graham...
Krystal and all her little ones...

Tucker's ride on the horseLauren and Rambo, her favorite horse
Preston's first ride on the horse...he loved it!
Drew and Lauren...Drew's allergies held off a little while so he could ride.

Saying "good-byes" to our sweet family and heading home to see Robb! We are grateful for our time together!