Friday, January 25, 2008

Cheaper by the Half Dozen? Probably not, but lots more fun for sure!

Dear friends and family,

Whew! We wanted to share our news with you, but first I need to say that I never expected to be writing a blog like this! Despite our best efforts, God has chosen to bless us with yet another French baby! We are shocked and amazed, yet choosing to find joy and excitement in this crazy journey! We know lots of hard work, sleepless nights, and draining days await us, yet God gives very good gifts (and we love what He has given us thus far!). Excitement is growing around here (when we first told the kids, they simply stared at us) and it is unanimous that we think someone dressed in pink would be cute around here, after all of this blue. But, we will gratefully accept any gift God has for us. The funniest response they had was saying that "now" we would have a large family!

We don't pretend to understand why God has chosen to bless us this way when there are others longing to have children. I do know that it is not because we are worthy, or capable. I know God's gifts come in different packages and for this reason, I welcome each child with open arms.

I was recently reading an article by Barbara Rainey on large families, and the question was asked of her,"How has having a large family affected your life?" She replied, "Well, I am tired a lot."

I suppose we will be tired a lot too....and blessed.

With love,
The French gang

The little bundle should arrive sometime in August...the Dr. will confirm the date on Tuesday.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Theology from a 5 year old

This week, our Jayce came bounding into the kitchen after his nap and our conversation went like this:

Jayce: God answered "yes" today!

Mom: That's wonderful! What did you pray for?

Jayce: I prayed that my nap would go really fast. That I would just close my eyes and then it would be over. (this was after a 2 1/2 hour nap)

Mom: Jesus loves to hear you pray and ask Him for things.

Jayce: And His answers are "yes", "no" and "wait", it's just that it's reeeeaaaaallly hard to tell the difference between "no" and "wait".

This reminds me of a little song Sue and Sheryl taught us in Children's Church many years ago:

"Sometimes God answers "yes"when we pray.

Sometimes God answers "wait" when we pray.

Sometimes God answers "no" just because He loves us so,

But I know God always answers when we pray."

I think we are in the "waiting" phase on a few things and this was a great reminder to my heart.