Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Easter 2008

Three great buddies!
Dad and his boysPreston enjoys crawling around outside

Tony and Amy and kids
Our sweet 10 year old Stealing quick kisses

We had a wonderful Easter day! Our church service was inspiring and caused us to reflect on why we celebrate Easter. Our pastor spoke on one of my favorite verses, John 3:16- simple yet so profound.

We had dinner with our dear friends, Tony and Amy. We met them 9 years ago on Easter Day and have spent many holidays with them. We always enjoy their conversation and laughter. True friends indeed!!! We were originally going to go to their house, but changed plans this last week and we had dinner here. So...Amy brought most of the food for dinner as she already had purchased things. It was a feast!!! We had an egg hunt for the kids, and although the weather wasn't perfect, it was nice and much better than snow for Easter!!

We were reminded of all God's blessing this year as we thought of last Easter and how Preston was in the NICU and we were not together as a family. What a treasure we have in our family!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fun Saturdays...

We just ended a very fun and rewarding basketball season - our third season and the best yet. Here are some of the things I love about the Upward Basketball program:

  • watching Robb coach the 2nd and 3rd grade boys...he was so patient and full of encouragement (encouragement is one of his top gifts and it was very evident during this season). Today he received a "thank you" card from the parents and they all said how he had made this such a positive experience for their boys. He was great at making sure that every boy at least had the opportunity to score during a game.

  • the testimonies at every game. I loved hearing the stories of how people in our church came to know Christ. Many times my eyes would fill with tears as I heard their 4 minute stories. Many times in a church of our size we miss hearing personal testimonies.

  • the lessons the kids learn, not just about playing the game, but about winning graciously and losing graciously, about getting up when they foul or make a big mistake, about seemingly unfair calls by the refs. And the biggest lessons my kids learned this year was about teamwork (especially Lauren) as she learned that it's not all about stealing the show or having the ball all the's about working together so that everyone feels a part of the success.

Enjoying the spring weather...

The kids are not used to the bright sunshine (they were not told to close their eyes, believe it or not)... That's much better...we moved out of the sun! The weather has been lovely after a cold winter!

Starting a business...

At our co-op on Thursdays, some of the 4th and 5th graders have been selling things on their lunch break...anything from beads and jewelry to lollipops. Lauren used some of her money to go to the dollar store and pick out some purses. She did her own advertising and her dad helped her stuff them with tissue paper so they looked attractive, and her business began! She sold her first one on Thursday with some on "hold" and orders for more. (I am so glad she does not have my genes in this area...I was a horrible salesperson!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Brothers... and our growing 11 month old Preston