Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Random Pictures

We took a family trip to the dentist this week...all the kids did really well. (Thanks, Sheila, for the recommendation!) And the only real issue we have between the four kids is an extraction of a baby tooth from our sweet girl's mouth and some sealants to apply.

Tucker loved all the attention he received, as well as the prize box at the end of the visit!

Preston still has no teeth and continues to be a happy, healthy baby.

Drew is such a wonderful big brother and loves to spend time with Preston. Here he is reading to him.
We have been able to go on the Greenbelt in Boise bike riding twice in the last couple of weeks with friends. We all loved it! These fall days are my favorite!
Robb and I took a little "date" with only the 2 younger boys while the older three were playing with friends (it always feels like a date when we don't have 5 kids with us!). Robb took me to the driving range/chipping green and I got to practice "my swing". It is so peaceful and quiet ...I could do it every day! Tucker got to try with his little clubs as well.
This tractor has been around for a long time and through 3 boys. The tires are plastic and have holes in them, but this continues to be a favorite toy!
Here are the older kids on the tire swing Robb made for them. School is out for the day and everyone is all smiles!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happenings in our Lives...

Here is a little update on what has been going on around here. We have busy, but enjoying what life brings our way. A few highlights of the past couple of weeks are:
  • The kids are doing very well doing school at home. Our kindergartner (Jayce) brings much enthusiam for learning and has helped set an energetic atmosphere. Tucker does very well playing alone, and Baby Preston spends much of his day sleeping. When he is awake, he spends much of his time smiling! The co-op that we go to on Thursdays is so very fun for the kids (and for me). This is where we go with other Idaho Virtual Academy students and have our Science, Art and Music for the week. The picture above is our kids on the first day of co-op.
Our house is still for sale and we are waiting patiently for God's timing. It was actually shown twice today while we were gone to co-op...very unusual since we had only shown it 3 times before that. We have been tossing around the idea of renting for awhile with a company called "Design Home Tending". This would allow us to live in a very large, beautiful home while spending very little in rent. The deal is this: the home would be for sale and we would move in with our furnishings and decorations. We would have to be willing to move when it sells and also be willing to show it when realtors call. With 5 kids? That's what we are trying to decide!
  • God has blessed us with a renter for our 2nd living quarters (on our property). The young girl doesn't care if it is not long-term and wants to rent even though we may have to show it (and she may have to move out when we move). She is a girl we know and plans to move in Saturday!
  • Lauren is doing so well in her violin! It seems that she has just grown musically by leaps and bounds this year! Yesterday at lessons, her teacher said that she got tears in her eyes listening to Lauren play. Her tone is beautiful and you can tell that she just loves it! This is her 5th year of taking lessons and we always wondered if this day would come.
  • We are getting a new brother-in-law in November!!! We are so excited that Kathy (Robb's sister that lost her husband 7 years ago) has found new love! We are very excited to meet Paul and welcome him into the family!
  • Robb and I have stepped down as leaders of our small group at our church and Robb is now going to be a "coach" of several small group leaders. This will enable our group to stretch and grow and will also help expand this ministry of the church.
  • That's about all for us...I love hearing about your lives when I get the chance to!

    Blessings on your days!!!

    Saturday, September 8, 2007

    Montana trip slideshow

    These pictures are from our wonderful time together. There is nothing like having cousins and grandparents to play with all day for 6 days! Great memories!