Friday, December 4, 2009

Life Moves On...

In naming my blog, my desire was to somehow keep a weekly journal of family life, so that we could see, remember, and celebrate God's provision and grace in our lives. I am so very quick to forget the blessings from God...I heard a Bible Study teacher say that is why the words "forget not" are in the Bible so much. God knew we would be sure to forget.
I have done a very poor job of keeping a record of our lives this year, and this has been an eventful year. We have been without my dad for one month now, and God has a way of keeping life moving along, especially with kids in the house. We have cried a lot, but we have also enjoyed our family more, I believe, after seeing first hand how fragile life is. I have been personally inspired to be a kinder, gentler person.
Here are some glimpses of our lives the past month or so. We enjoyed "trick or treating" in our neighborhood this year, Tucker turning 5, and Lauren turning 12. We are loving the toddler stage of the little ones, but my, how fast they can destroy the house! :D It seems the days are getting easier with 6, and we have a rhythm with school. I love, love teaching piano lessons and look forward to it each day. Robb has been busy with Christmas lights this past month...God is so good. We do pray each day for strength for all that needs to be done. We are seeing areas of discipline that need refining, as well as potty training in the very near future!!
As I think about Christmas coming and how busy we can make it, the thought that is on my mind is "Do Less...Be More" . I want to truly enjoy it and not become stressed with what is to be a time of reflection and adoration.
Blessings to you all this December!