Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Bro...

Happy Birthday to my most wonderful brother! I always loved having a big brother, the stronger and wiser one.

  • He always knows how to make me laugh (and I mean LAUGH!) and think...two very good things.

  • He made my world feel like a safer place, just by being there.

  • He showed kindness when I can just imagine irritation was his first reaction.

  • He showed love and respect to his parents always, something I hope my boys do.

  • He made a great choice in a wife - my best friend! :)

I have not been able to live around Tom since college days, but have observed his life as he is now a husband and father. He is a very tender, compassionate father and a very loving husband to Jenny. I'm not amazed at all by the man he has become...he has lived his whole life as he is living it today. I am so glad for the influence he is for my kids and only wish I could be near him more. I'm blessed to call him my brother!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


This is for every woman who is choosing to raise a child over other options.

I could have more time,
more house,
more room.
but I choose you.

I could have more money,
more things,
more dinners out…
I choose you.

I could have more me-time,
more sleep,
more freedom;
I choose you.

I could have less mess,
less cooking,
less laundry;
I choose you.

I could have less school,
less PBS,
less PB and J;
I choose you.

But because of you,
I have MORE.
More love,
more memories,
more smiles,
more delight,
more tenderness,
more patience,
more joy,
more faith.

I have no doubt it is a good choice.

Years ago, our MOPS director gave us this format to write our own poem and this is what I wrote. I only had three children then, but it is still so true and has only doubled in its meaning. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

comfort and joy...

Christmas was extra special this year as it was a "white Christmas"! The kids enjoyed the snow and beautifully clear days.

Christmas Day was spent with our wonderful friends, Tony and Amy. We have known them for years and so enjoy their company. They have become like family!

Lauren, Kody and Drew ready for Christmas Dinner: ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, cherry salad, broccoli casserole, hot rolls, sweet potatoes, sparkling cider, and pie.

Autumn, Dawson, Jayce and Tucker

Lauren and Autumn watching the "Kit Movie" in the boys' room.On Christmas Eve, Lauren helped Tucker write a note to Santa. His eyes were so bright and he had so many questions about the whole procedure.

This is what they thought to leave for Santa...the note and fruitcake that was given to us.

Christmas Eve after attending the Christmas Eve service

The kids greatly enjoy the hunting game from their grandparents

Gramps playing a game of Dominoes...we celebrated Christmas early with Nana and Gramps before they flew out to Chicago.
Claire and her nana...Claire received the tiniest mittens and hat!

Our Christmas with our family before they flew out. Homemade pizza, garlic bread, salad and a Happy Birthday Cake for Jesus.Our sweet Gramps loving on Claire

Before Christmas, my dear friends from our co-op came over for breakfast. We had a great time just relaxing and was out for break and we had made it through 4 months!! We did have a little excitement when two coats caught on fire (flames!!!) when they got too close to a candle while hanging on the coat tree!

We had a great time celebrating the season with our friends, the Mullins and Stanleys. It was the day after Robb's birthday, so we celebrated that too. 4 more years to 40!!
This year we decided that we would show our appreciation to our church staff and their families...many of them worked until Christmas Eve night. We baked 12 apple praline pies and took them to the staff to enjoy for their Christmas dinners.
This was a low-keyed, relaxing Christmas...we all loved hanging out together and soaking up the love!! We hope you all had a delightful time with those you love as well.