Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my earthly father...October 9,1946 - November 4, 2009 written and posted originally in 2007

On October 9th, 61 years ago, a little boy named Thomas Harley McCall entered the world. He was the oldest of four children and set a Godly example for them when he, as a 12 year old boy, felt God's call upon his heart, even though he was not raised in a Christian home. He answered the calling to preach and later married his sweetheart, Carol. This wonderful man is my father and I have been so blessed to have his influence upon my life for all these years. There is so much I could say about him; here are a few things that we all love about him:

His kind heart..he has never been known to be harsh, even when frustrated or upset. I never feared him as I was growing up, and never wanted to make him sad. He always feels for the underdog.

His fun laugh...those of you who know him can recognize that laugh (and the red face to go with it).

The way he has influenced his family and changed what could have been. One of the things that amazes me is how he faced the challenges from his unhappy childhood, and determined to do things differently as a father. He did not use his past as an excuse to live as he was raised, but has now set into place a new legacy.

His interaction with his grandchildren. When around any of his 11 grandsons or 3 granddaughters, he can always be found hugging, holding, or playing with one or more of them. He has made his place in Montana a paradise for little boys (and girls) and my kids so love going there to see them. He is always ready to help little people tie shoes, eat their dinner, hold bottles, saddle up horses, or start four-wheelers. Not being able to grow up around a grandfather, I absolutely love to see him with my children. I hope they always know how blessed they are to have him in their lives.

His absolute love for God...he has made a career out of studying the Scriptures, but beyond that, you can see a deep love of the Word of God. One of my favorite things to do with him late at night is to watch old Gaither movies, and before too long, I will always see his eyes wet with tears as he worships with the music.

His model of marriage...he and my mom are the best of friends and it has been so enjoyable to watch them (especially since I've been married). He treats my mother so sweetly, and in turn, she spoils him to death. Dr. Laura would approve! I never once heard the word "divorce" in regards to them. What a treasure to be an observer of their relationship!

There really could be pages of things to say about him...I will leave with one last thought from my Lauren (as she is looking over my shoulder): "I love the way he is generous with donuts and how he doesn't like the smell of dirty diapers, but does love the smell of baby lotion."
He's truly a good and Godly man and I want to say "Happy Birthday!" I love you!